5 questions to ask your financial advisor **2020

When looking for a financial advisor, there is no question of putting our savings in the hands of the first comer! 5 questions to ask to make the right choice. Before you connect with a financial advisor, you want to make sure you are hiring the best person for you and your situation. Start by asking yourself a key question, then examine the 5 questions to ask before hiring a consultant.

5 questions to ask your financial advisor **2020

1. Are you registered?

Registration with the Autorité des markets financa assures us that the candidate has the skills required to practice. Take the time to consult his file in the public register: we will know if he is actually authorized to practice, in which categories of services if there are any restrictions on his practice. and what titles he can use.

2. How are you paid?

Some receive a salary, others charge a fixed fee, and many receive a commission. Being advised by a seller is not necessarily bad, but we will then question him about his independence from the products he sells, and we will ensure that he has access to a wide variety.

3. Who are your customers?

Does it mostly work for experienced people or novices? To be well advised, one must correspond to the type of clients with whom he is used to dealing.

4. How will you help me achieve my goals?

We make sure that he has clearly identified our needs and our investment objectives, and that he has recorded them in a document, of which he gives us a copy. We ask about our strategy to reach them.

5. What services can I expect?

We ask him how often he plans to meet with us and keep us informed of the performance of our investments. We want to know which modes of communication he prefers (email, telephone) and how quickly he will respond.

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