A Southern Lakes Credit Union Can Help You Meet Your Credit Card Bills

Southern Lakes Credit Union was established in August, 1935. Named after the popular southern lakes such as Lake Michigan and Lake Winnebago in southern Wisconsin, this credit union has grown to become a major player on the local credit union scene. Founded by a group of educators and financial experts, it now enjoys a membership of nearly twenty-two thousand members. The association meets at the Kankakee Country Club in Kankakee. Although members are not required to meet regularly, they do elect officers of different chapters.

As an official credit union under the National Credit Union Administration (NUCA), southern lakes credit union plays a vital role in the economic activity of both the residents of southern Wisconsin and the people living near the communities in southern Wisconsin and southern Lake Winnebago. It finances a wide variety of projects and activities, such as home improvement, real estate, and education. Through various programs, it helps lower income families in southern Wisconsin, control spending, and strengthen communities throughout the areas. It also sponsors community events and programs, which promote economic development and social responsibility among its members. One such program is the “Better Business Bureau Kick Off Season”, which is open to all members during the second week of May, annually.

The southern lakes credit union also provides assistance to homeowners and renters in their search for mortgages and refinancing and in locating credit unions in their area. In addition, the association helps member banks and lending institutions in the search for borrowers who would provide loans. The organization also coordinates with other local associations and works to strengthen the relationship between the members and the banks and lending institutions in southern Wisconsin and the area.

The “Better Business Bureau” is one of the leading members of the “Better Business Bureau” of the National Organization for Bankruptcy Alternatives (NABCA). Since its formation in 1977, the “Better Business Bureau” has provided assistance to Wisconsin residents who have been involved in a real estate transaction that turned out to be unfavorable or had any form of fraud or dispute. For example, it assisted Wisconsinites in resolving a dispute between a landowner and a neighbor over whether the landowner had permission to build an apartment complex on the neighbor’s property. The “Better Business Bureau” also assisted an insurance adjuster in dealing with a claim brought against a chiropractor in southern Wisconsin because his office was hit by a vehicle in which his employee was injured.

The “Wisconsin Economic Development Commission” is another one of our members of the National Organization for Bankruptcy Alternatives. The “Wisconsin Economic Development Commission” (WEDC) has the power to deny licenses to corporations or to force certain changes in a corporation’s operation that would result in a conflict with state law. The WEDC serves anyone who wishes to serve anyone else, including corporations and businesses. WEDC can deny a request for a license if it finds there is a clear conflict between the request and state law.

The “WEC” serves several regions of southern Wisconsin and southern Manitowoc. It serves the entire population of southern Manitowoc, including all nine county seats, the cities of Menominee, Marinette, Fox, Green Bay, Marinette, La Portage, Menominee, Outlying Pine, Oconto, and Superior. It also serves the cities of Kenosha, Menominee, Green Bay, and Oak Creek, as well as parts of Marinette, Fox, Green Bay, Golden Valley, and Green Point. The entire network of the WEC consists of nearly ten thousand banks and credit unions. Of these, about half are members of the American Financial Association, and half are members of the National Association of Home Loans and Credit Unions (NALA).

The “Wisconsin Professional Credit Union” (WPCU) was another of our many members of the National Organization for Bankruptcy Alternatives. Like WEDC, WPCU serves Wisconsin residents, but its membership is much smaller. WPCU also serves portions of north and northeast Wisconsin, and portions of southern Wisconsin. Like WEDC, the majority of WPCU members are financially strapped communities that have been adversely affected by the loss of manufacturing. This union does not allow anyone to file bankruptcy anywhere in Wisconsin, as we strongly oppose anyone abusing our great state.

In summary, both of the unions discussed above have an interest in helping southern Wisconsinites who are having difficulty meeting their financial obligations. Both offer credit unions a unique opportunity to serve those in need. Both also offer highly competitive rates on loans for those who meet their minimum income requirements. If you have credit problems and are looking for a way to consolidate your debt while improving your credit, join a credit union today.

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