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Allegiance Credit Union News – April Fools’ Day

Burns Harbor, Indiana is an up-and-coming community that is in the process of being formed. February 24th, 2021, allegius credit union will be hosting a forum to kick off the process. The meeting will take place at the Arboretum Golf and Country Club.

At the meeting the union will be hosting their first annual allegius credit union gathering. Members will gather to celebrate and strengthen the ties between the two unions. The current allegius credit union locations include: AVE Portage, IL; Burn Harbor, Indiana; Arlington, Texas; and Freeport, Nebraska. In addition to the locations, the union will be hosting special events at each of these locations throughout the year. Special guests include former politicians and cabinet picks, business leaders, and other notable personalities from the political scene.

At the beginning of the meeting the union’s Executive Secretary, Karen Birchel, will introduce an award recognizing the members who have made contributions to the community. This award will be presented by the Governor of Indiana as a testament to their hard work and dedication. The candidates that win this award will receive a copy of the award in the mail to their office. Karen Birchel then will present the recipients with a laminated check that carries their name and the office of the governor.

Karen Birchel will then share information on the upcoming events. There will be an Executive Committee meeting to select new members for the union’s Executive Committee. This meeting will take place at the Demotte Building located at Grandview Park at Freeport. Members will be given the minutes slip to present for the meeting. These minutes detail all of the past and current affairs of the union including the recently concluded Contract Campaign.

The next item on the agenda for the meeting is a discussion of the recent fatal shooting in Southport.. The Executive Secretary for the Allegius Credit Union will speak about the situation regarding the fatal shooting, which took place at the southport shopping center.. The President of the Allegius Credit Union, Robert Ehrman, is expected to speak about his thoughts on the matter and how he is hopeful that the investigation will turn up conclusive evidence that will pin the blame on the shooter. Several members of the audience have indicated that they believe there is insufficient evidence to pin the blame on the shooter.

Also on the agenda will be a report about the recent changes that have been made to the Professional Standards Department in regards to the way pharmacies are regulated. Currently there are rules that pharmacies must follow when they are processing prescriptions. However, the new state ordered protocol also requires that pharmacies track patient information using a computer database. This database will contain all of the information that is required for billing purposes and managing the list of prescriptions that are part of the Professional Standards Department’s master file.

Other items on the agenda include the following: An overview of the recent lawsuit between the Allegiance Credit Union and Samuelson Rd Portage Laboratory. A review of the recently released report from the Wisconsin State Medical Board regarding the effects of benzene on human fertility. The opening remarks of Dr. James Cagney, who is the Medical Examiner for the case. Reports from witnesses that will be used in the litigation. Reports on the toxicity of the substance chloroform.

The final item on the agenda is a comment on the current policy regarding St. Patrick’s Day parades. There is a resolution that was introduced in the St. Patrick’s Day Annual Assembly. It calls for the parades to be non-profit with a nondiscriminatory policy. The comments on the policy are expected to come from the president and members of the board. This meeting is expected to be live-streamed over the Internet beginning at approximately 2 p.m. Anyone that has questions concerning the coverage of St. Patrick’s Day can check the Allegiance Credit Union website for more information.


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