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Anz Nz Swift Code For Money Transfer

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Are you looking for anz nz swift code for which you can use in local and in money transfer, i’ve already provided the accurate swift or bic code for Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited.

The swift or the bic is commonly used when it involves an overseas bank, which is used in identifying the receiving (recipient) bank or financial institution.

Without the swift code, money transfer won’t take place, it is bound to fail.

What is a swift code

Before going further into Anz nz swift code, first let me try and explain what the code is all about, thid will help you to understand more.

Swift stands for society for worldwide interbank financial telecommunication, which Bic stands for Bank Identifier Code.

A BIC is sometimes called a SWIFT code, SWIFT BIC or SWIFT ID (all of these mean the same thing).

A SWIFT/BIC consists of 8-11 characters used to identify a specific bank in an international transaction, to make sure the money is going to the correct place.

As long as you are transferring money from one country to the other through financial institutions, you must provide your bank swift or bic code.

For example, you want to transfer money from your local bank account(anz) account to another bank in the United States(wells fargo), you must provide anz nz swift code before the money transfer can go through, else the money will bounce back to your account.

The swift code is usually like this format AAAABBCCDDD;

  • AAAA: 4 character bank code
  • BB: 2 character country code
  • CC: 2 character location code
  • DDD: optional 3 character branch code

Anz nz swift code

ANZ’s SWIFT code is ANZBNZ22. Note: If the other financialiinstitution(bank) requires an 11 digit SWIFT, then use ANZBNZ22XXX.

Let’s say you are to receive a cash from a bank in another country, which your bank account details is needed and they include the account number, account name, bank name, bank address and the anz swift code. Below is the good format and details;

Bank Name: ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited

Bank Address: ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited, ANZ Centre, 23-29 Albert Street, Auckland 1010, New Zealand.

GSWIFT/BIC Code for ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited: ANZBNZ22

Others includes your full name and bank account number.

Note that the swift code is completely different from the iban number and even the routing number.

Iban stands for International Bank Account Number, and it is used in individual accounts, not banks.

In terms of routing number, it acts similar to the swift code, in terms of international money transfer but is only applicable to banks in the United States.

Is only in the United States you will be hearing about a bank routing number, though the likes of the bank of america also makes use of the swift code.

But in most countries like the UK, Canada, Australia etc, they make use of the swift or bic code.

Anz nz swift code varies from branch to branch, and state to state.

However, i will recommend that you use the general bic code and its address, as it works for all ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited branches.

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This is where i draw the curtain on anz nz swift code (ANZBNZ22) for money transfer, any new changes made, i won’t hesitate to update it here.

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