Ark Valley Credit Union – A Great Option For Unsecured Credit

Ark Valley Credit Union is located in the foothills of the Arkansas River and is managed by Steel County Credit Union. It is one of the original nine members of the Midwest Community Credit Union and is located west of Decatur in southern Arkansas. The union has been around since 1974. They offer two types of membership, traditional (traditional members only) and member with a Gold Card (which allows the card holder to spend online).

The most important thing that you can learn about this ark valley credit union routing number is the fact that it has five digits. That number is significant because the five numbers can be compared to the local phonebook. Any organization that has more than five digits is considered a larger one and might be difficult to find without using ark valley credit union routing number search engines. The number you will get from an ark valley credit union routing number search will be in the area code of the city you live in and may not have a prefix of “ARK”. So for example, if you are living in Little Rock Arkansas you would type “little rock Arkansas” or “rola Arkansas”.

If you are familiar with the current directory listings for the city of Little Rock you would enter “little rock Arkansas” into the search box and press “enter”. You would then be given a list of cities containing that string of digits. These cities are: ARK; ARK valley; ARK valley west; ARK city; ARK city west; and WV. This is the format you would use if you were looking up your ark valley credit union routing number.

When applying for membership at this ark valley credit union you will need to supply the business name, business address, and date of birth. Some of these institutions do require additional information such as previous addresses, employer, and social security numbers. Other questions might include whether or not you are a U.S. citizen, do you currently have a checking or savings account, how many credit cards do you have, what is your payroll amount, how many unsecured loans do you have, and how many of your credit accounts are current. You might also have to indicate whether or not you have ever had an unpaid charge off or a bankruptcy filing. If you have any bankruptcies on your record, you will have to disclose this information as well.

Applications can be picked up at the local branch of the institution and you can even apply online through their website. Once you have filled out the application all you need to do is submit it and wait for it to be processed. You may receive a call or an email confirming the details provided on your application. If your information is verified and approved then you will be mailed your card within about two weeks.

It is important that when you apply for an Ark Valley Credit Union card that you provide accurate information. Your application might end up being turned down if there is inaccurate information on it. It is your responsibility to make sure everything is correct and that includes your banking information. If you have been a loyal customer to your bank for years they most likely have your information on file and can issue you a card.

The one-time processing fee associated with your ark valley credit union card is very reasonable. This is especially true since there are so many benefits that come with owning one. The benefits include free checks, no annual fee, unlimited transactions, no membership fees, and low interest rates. These fees can be paid in one single payment each month or you can pay them off by using your money to purchase items or save money.

There are many perks that come along with owning an ark valley credit union card. Many banks and credit unions offer special incentives to their members when they first become members. One of the best offers for some people is the ability to get a discount on their deposit into their savings account when they open a new ark account. This means no interest charges when the money is there in the account and no interest charges when it is withdrawn. You can also make free or discounted purchases online, have your balance transfer to an unsecured card, and have your transaction credited to your ark bank account with a 0% interest rate.

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