Beehive Federal Credit Union

Beehive federal credit unions have been serving people of all walks of life for over 60 years! It’s amazing what people will do to help you achieve a better life. Have you heard of the saying, “No Pain, No Gain?” Well, that is what life is all about. If you feel like you are experiencing more pain than gain, it may be time for you to seek out a new career. Your life will be enriched.

Being a member of any one of the many beehive federal credit union is a very rewarding experience. I have worked in several of them, both state and federal, and have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. I can tell you from personal experience that there are never any “good” or “bad” things about being part of a beehive federal credit union. It’s just life, baby!

There are five Idaho beehive federal credit unions. The Capital, Idaho Falls; Elko, Idaho Falls; Ketchum, Idaho; and Twin Falls, ID. All are members of the Idaho branch of the beehive, which is the largest national beehive Credit Union. Each of the Credit Unions have different features and different strengths.

One of the things that I really enjoyed about working at the beehive was learning about the history of this particular credit union. I learned that it had been incorporated in the year nineteen eighty-nine by the late Dr. William G.urdon. He had come to Idaho with the idea that credit unions could be profitable, thus beehive capitalizing on their excellent standing as financial institutions with good standing with the government. He believed that by starting a beehive credit union, he would be able to show that it could be a model for other states to follow, thus beehive franchisees would be reaping the rewards of a strong beehive member association.

In the year nineteen ninety-seven, William Gurdon died. His wife Ida took over the business and name. Her son Rayburn took over after him. Rayburn and his wife Edith took charge of the business in January one, nineteen ninety-six. When I was there, I met a few of the other people who are now long time beehive members, including a couple of my cousins who had come to the United States from England.

The beehive federal credit union has helped many people with jobs, homes, and other needs. It is run by a volunteer board and all positions are staffed by paid staff. There are no fees to be paid for membership and you cannot be fired from the beehive unless you are found to be abusing your position. This means you are volunteering to help other people while making money.

A little known fact about beehive financial institutions is that they are members of the Association of American Banks and Brokers (ABABT). Some beehive credit unions have joined together in what is called the American Banking Association of beehive members. If you have any suspicions that your beehive credit union may be on the ABABT’s roster, be sure and ask them. The Association of American Banks and Brokers does not list beehive members immediately.

William Gurdon’s beehive model for a credit union has proved a good model for many other beehive members. And as the beehive model gains more recognition, it may be used in other beehive federal credit union programs. This would be a great step forward in the study and research of beehive structures and their potential applications.

What makes William Gurdon’s beehive credit union so successful is the attention to detail in every part of the program. The Viking Drive is a good example. It is a perfect set up for a home buyer looking for a home in Idaho Falls. And it is a perfect set up for a home builder in Idaho Falls looking for a location for his/her beehive.

But beehive federal credit union members don’t just buy homes; they buy properties. Properties that can be used to grow beehive honeybees. When a beehive member invests in a location where there is room for a beehive that beehive member will be helping the environment. When a property has bees, the beehive operator can be assured there is work being done to preserve bees and their hives. And beehive operators can be sure that when their beehive partner buys a home in Idaho Falls, the location will be protected from the “beehive menace.”

There are other programs that the beehive federal credit union offers its beehive community members. In addition to the Viking Drive, the beehive federal credit union offers beekeeping as one of its community activities. In addition to helping beehive members beehive and raise beehive bees, the beehive federal credit union also works with schools and organizations to help them deal with beehive problems. The beehive federal credit union is very involved in all aspects of beehive management.

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