Being a Member of a Beehive Federal Credit Union

Beehive Federal Credit Union provides its clients in both Idaho and Washington with personal banking services. The bank does not provide commercial lending products or financial services to Idaho clients. The bank is a member of the National Association of House Banks and is one of twenty-nine members of the organization that have met the requirements for being an NACHB member. It is also required by law to maintain direct contact with all members of the association.

Its Idaho members can obtain free online banking, debit cards, Internet access and mobile banking applications. They also can open up a checking and savings accounts at the credit union. Its Washington members can arrange for a savings account, a CD or a money market account. Customers can choose from a range of consumer and business accounts including travel and entertainment accounts, high-limit credit cards, individual retirement accounts, home equity and mortgage loans. Customers also can open a second bank account.

Its website describes the beehive membership agreement as follows: “You are a current member of beehive federal credit union and you elect to be contacted by beehive credit unions for all credit card transactions in the name of beehive credit unions. You are entitled to be informed of changes to your beehive card account. Changes may be made in any part of your beehive card account for an additional charge. If any additional charges are assessed to you as a result of changes, those charges will be reflected on your beehive statement.” (Emphasis added.)

The website also includes sections where members can learn more about the credit union and become members. One section provides the benefits of becoming a beehive credit union member, such as the ability to apply for a credit card. Another provides basic information about beehive credit unions, such as what they do and how they operate. The beehive credit union website also contains the beehive application.

The beehive federal credit union is not located in anyone’s home state. As of the date of this writing it is not affiliated with any one company. Each credit union is independent of beehive lenders. However, the credit unions are linked to beehive lending companies through the approval process. Credit unions are therefore extremely dependent upon beehive lending companies for most of their income.

What does beehive credit union have to offer? The beehive credit union offers several types of financial products to members. Members can choose one of the many beehive mortgage loans that are available to be applied for online. This type of loan allows an individual to be able to buy one of many beehive properties. These properties will be owned by beehive mortgage companies. Beehive mortgage loans are ideal for people who want to be able to buy beehive properties but cannot find enough money to qualify for beehive financing.

Members can also choose to be members of a beehive credit union and then be able to enjoy the benefits of being a member. If you choose this option, beehive credit unions may be of great value to you. If you choose to be a member of a beehive credit union, you will be able to enjoy the financial benefits of being a beehive member along with the other perks that are a part of being a credit union.

Before you decide to become a beehive federal credit union member, it is important that you take a look at your finances and determine if this is the right option for you. There is plenty to like about beehive federal credit unions, like the fact they are highly regulated. The beehive federal credit union is also likely to be a good option if you are looking to be a landlord. Also, beehive federal credit unions often offer better rates and terms on loans compared to beehive loans from banks.

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