Blue Flame Credit Union, A Member of the NC Credit Union Network, Has Strong Back-Office Presence

Blue Flame Credit Union was established to serve its members, including its members in North Carolina. It provides members with a free, convenient financial service through its online banking facility. Members may avail of their services via the Internet, over the phone or through a mailed copy. Membership is free, and only dues have to be paid if the member doesn’t receive a particular bill that needs their attention. Blue Flame Credit Union can cater to your financial needs with its services including online banking and mobile banking.

It’s very easy to find Blue Flame Credit Union online. You can search for them first before you opt to register on the website. The website has blue flame credit union phone number, fax number and address. Members can contact them through email through the help desk, chat or by phone anytime.

With Blue Flame Credit Union, you will have access to its award-winning customer service services. In its service, Blue Flame puts itself at the service of its members by offering them outstanding money management programs. Its members have a choice between getting the services of an in-house staff or using the services of a third-party service provider. The members of the credit unions in Charlotte are able to make their accounts payable and receivable on time through the use of debit cards. They also have the option of paying bills online or over the phone through their dedicated toll-free number.

With the services of Blue Flame Credit Union, members can get their accounts and debts paid off within 30 days of payment. This is achieved through the use of bill pay online software provided by the credit union. This makes online bill pay convenient for the members of the credit unions in Charlotte. It also allows them to receive invoices and other statements online anytime. In addition, they are able to view their balance, cash flow, assets, liabilities and other relevant information online anytime they want. Because it is affiliated with several other financial institutions and banks, members are given mobile banking services such as mobile phone banking.

In addition, Blue Flame Credit Union will be offering mobile cashiers. They will have a new two-story, approximately 7,000-square-foot space that is being constructed at 2021 blvd. The tenant of the space is yet to be decided. The tenant will have the option of selecting from a variety of services offered by Blue Flame Credit Union.

The second building project is an eight-story, approximately 100-bed complex that is expected to open in fall of 2021. The construction will include approximately three hundred beds, two hundred showers and two hundred guestrooms. The Blue Flame credit unions hope that these two projects will boost their member base by two percent.

If all goes as planned, the first building project will be open for residents in the fall of 2021. The second building project will be open for residents in the fall of 2021. Both projects, plus many others that are currently in the planning stages, should significantly increase the number of people that can join Blue Flame Credit Union. If the member base increases, so does customer service, which benefits the entire credit union.

The entire North Carolina community can be proud of the efforts of the Blue Flame Credit Union in Charlotte. The members of the credit unions have made a tremendous positive impact on the Charlotte community and they continue to do so. As the economy and unemployment dips, the members of the NC Credit Union will be there to help the residents of Charlotte weather any economic storm.

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