Buying Your First Home in The Mountains

The Mountain Laurel Federal Credit Union has been accepting bids in properties for sale, which are located in: Philadelphia, Bucks County, Maryland, New Jersey, West Virginia, Ohio, and Florida. If you live outside of these states, you can still bid on a property through the e-auction website. We will provide a brief summary below, so you can get started right away.

Bid Request: You can either log onto their website or call them to find out more information about the bidding process. From there, you can go over the specific rules for each property that is available. You may also fill out a formal Offer to Bidders form if you would like. Please note that if you already have a bidder, you will not receive the notification regarding an offer.

Offer Period: Once you’ve checked out the rules and made an offer, then it’s back to wait until the closing date. Bids will be accepted until the clock hits zero on the offer period. Note that you may be able to change your bid after the deadline. The time frame can be any time from a few days up to a few weeks.

Property Inspection: Before you bid on a house in Mountain Laurel, you may want to see the property firsthand. It is important that you know everything about the house from the exterior, the condition of the inside, and the overall curb appeal. You should also be given an opportunity to view the inside of the home. You won’t be allowed to make judgments about the condition of the inside, but you may be able to inspect it inside and outside.

Inspection Day: You’ll need to attend one of these inspections. The purpose of this inspection is to determine if your bid is reasonable and competitive. In this case, they will ask you questions regarding your finances, your experience level, the types of homes that you are considering, and what type of homes you are interested in. This is usually the last step before the actual bidding process.

Final Inspection: At the final inspection, it will be your turn to present your bid. You will be asked the same questions you were at the preliminary stage. After the bidder accepts your bid, the credit union will issue a check to the winning bidder and the seller will remove the check from their record.

Payment: If you accept the bid, the credit union will debit the winning bidder’s account within one business day. The winning bidder will then have up to forty-eight hours to accept the offer or counter-offer. Should the bidder reject the counter-offer, they will be given until the next business day to accept or decline the offer. In most cases, no acceptance means that the bidder will not be allowed to purchase the home.

When you participate in a Mountain Laurel FSBO real estate deal, you should expect to put forth your best effort. You should prepare well in advance to answer any questions the credit union might ask you, and you should make sure that you understand the terms of the offer. Although there are no guarantees that you will be approved for the property, the odds are heavily in your favor when you participate in a Mountain Laurel FSBO deal.

There are many benefits to owning a home in the mountains. Owning a home in the community will provide you with a serene environment to enjoy every day of the year. Many residents purchase homes in the Mountain Laurel area due to the exceptional qualities that the community has to offer.

Before you begin your search for a new home, it is important that you take the time to evaluate your current finances. A financing expert can assist you in developing a realistic budget that will allow you to afford the purchase of a new home. You may also want to contact several lenders to find out what their current offers are. Once you have narrowed your search down to a few prospective lenders, it will be easier to find a loan that will meet your financial goals.

It is important to realize that a purchase is not guaranteed. Purchasing a home in the Mountain Laurel Federal Credit Union does not guarantee you approval. It will, however, ensure that you purchase a home in a community that you love. If you are approved for financing, you will be provided with competitive terms and a chance to enjoy the peace and quiet that the community provides.

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