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If you are looking for a credit union that is located in your local area, look no further than the Clarion Federal Credit Union in Brooklyn, PA. As the largest non-profit community of credit unions in the entire country, you will be sure to find everything you need here. From high interest savings rates and easy loans to competitive rate mortgages, everything is available. There is even a credit union for people with poor credit. All of this is available through a simple application process that can be completed online.

In 2021, Clarion Federal Credit Union was founded with the mission of building “a community of credit unions in one geographic location.” This idea has grown into a nearly forty-five member credit union with over twelve thousand members. Members enjoy credit unions in every state across the nation. The credit unions are all held by an independent board of directors. Individual members can join the credit union of their choice.

Clarion is committed to “guaranteeing the rights of its members and providing a positive credit experience for each individual.” Each credit union has its own website, which gives members additional information about meetings, news, and what to do to keep up to date with the organization. There are also newsletters available from the credit unions for members to sign up for. The goal of these newsletters is to provide members with useful information about credit unions, including what they have to offer, what makes them different from other credit unions, and how to get started.

Applicants must contact the Clarion credit union to obtain a loan application. Applicants can apply for as many loans as they want, regardless of their credit history. The Clarion loan application includes a Fax to verify the borrower’s current address and phone number. Applicants can use this information to walk into an office and hand the necessary forms and information over to the agent.

Loan applicants have two options. They can visit the Clarion office in person or apply online through the union’s web site. Both methods take less than sixty minutes. Online applications are processed instantly, while in person visits usually take up to two hours. Applicants can expect to receive a response within one business day, and their loan application will be either accepted or denied.

Obtaining a loan through Clarion is made easier because the applicants’ home equity is always protected. Applicants can use up to ten percent of their total equity to secure financing. Traditional lenders only accept loans that have at least twenty-five percent of the total equity used. The Clarion loan application process eliminates this requirement by making it accessible to all homeowners.

The majority of people are aware that the federal loan program is available to anyone with a decent credit score. Even those with poor scores can qualify for the FHA’s loan program. This is because the home equity that a FHA loan supports is backed by the government. The government guarantees payment on the loan, to ensure its success.

Loan applicants must be aware that most traditional loans require collateral. Collateral is items such as real estate or automobiles. These items are expensive to repossess should the borrower default. With a Clarion federal credit loan, no collateral is required. This makes the loan much more appealing to borrowers.

Borrowers have a choice as to how they repay their loans. The interest rate and payments can be arranged ahead of time or at the beginning of the loan. Repayment can be done through monthly, semi-annual, or annual payments. Borrowers are also free to shop around for the best rates.

Interest rates can be found in the loan agreement. The loan documents are easily found online. Applicants just need to fill out the application and send it online. Processing is quick and complete. Loan payments are sent directly to the borrower via electronic transfer or check.

Clarion federal credit union loans offer flexible options to meet all personal and professional financial needs. All members are allowed to participate. The benefits of a federal credit union are many. It provides affordable and convenient financial solutions. It ensures that its members remain financially secure. All these benefits make a Clarion Federal Credit Union an excellent choice for anyone who wants to consolidate their debt.


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