Community Alliance Credit Union

Welcome to Community Alliance Credit Union! For over 50 years, the Credit Union has been meeting the personal financial needs of its members and their families ever since. The Credit Union was founded in 1966 by a team of members of the Auto Club of Michigan. Together they came up with a plan that would help everyone in their community to get better deals on products, loans and services.

Community Alliance Credit Union is now one of the most popular credit unions in Michigan with its Online Banking Services. It has been very successful in helping to improve the community by offering many financial services to its members. These services include online banking, Paydex banking, direct deposit banking, bill paying, electronic direct deposit, money market accounts, mobile banking and Pay pal banking. You can also find out more information about the community alliance credit union online at their website. They offer free financial resources for community organizations, churches, schools and individuals.

If you belong to a church and are looking for a phone credit union, then look no further than the community alliance credit union. This is one of their community branches. You will have access to the financial resources of this community through this community resource. Other features of community alliance credit union are listed below.

The community members of this credit union enjoy online banking with branch manager tools, online account management, phone banking, prepaid debit cards and free or paid Internet checking. There are two types of community member accounts. One is called the “General” community and the other one is called the “Specialized” community. If you belong to the “General” community, then you have access to all of the community financial resources such as mortgages, loans, savings accounts, pension funds, etc. on the community’s resources.

If you belong to the “Specialized” community, then you only have access to the community’s special financial resources that are specifically designed for your community members. For instance, if your community has a low yearly income community, then you may not be able to get access to high interest rate loans and other financial products. However, if you belong to the “Specialized” community, you will have access to mortgage products and other financial products that are higher in value than those available to community members. Community members who have mortgages from banks but not from community-owned banks are called “exclusions.” Bank exclusions are basically loan products or services that community members are not entitled to get based on their income level.

In order to keep track of your community members’ accounts, The community Credit Union has developed an easy to use accounting software called Community Ledger. This accounting software automatically generates bills and financial statements. Community Members and Business Owners can view their accounts at any time by logging into their community account. The software also allows community members to see their balance, payment history, and credit status.

The community alliance credit union has many other great community benefits besides financial resources. The community members of the community can be part of the planning process for the community’s projects and services. For example, community members can be part of a Neighborhood Business Improvement Association (NBIA) which is a non-profit membership group. Through this affiliation, community members can have their voice heard and have a say in what community projects and services are offered to the community. Through NBIA, community members can get information about community development programs and services that they want the community to participate in.

There are many community development organizations that give wonderful community memberships. These are organizations like the United Way, Habitat for Humanity, and the Lions Club. These community memberships give outstanding discounts on home improvement materials, home repairs, and on car repairs. If you are looking to find out more about community memberships or to become a community member, then check out your local credit union. Visit the website today.

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