Complete guide to starting a freelancer

Freelance work is becoming more common in Europe and many dream of throwing away and working from home or from a remote place. The development is largely due to the fact that modern communication and new payment solutions have opened up opportunities for working from home seriously. Have you thought about what it would be like to follow the trend and work as a freelancer?

What does freelance work mean?

Let’s start from scratch. Working as a freelancer involves offering their services to companies or individuals for compensation, without taking permanent employment with them. Often people work on a mission basis.

Traditionally, the term refers to people in creative professions. Common examples are photographers, writers and designers. Although they are common areas for freelancers, they do not set the limits of what a freelancer can be; there is no formal requirement and the title is unprotected.

Business areas for freelancers

That said, freelancers can operate in several areas. For those who are thinking about what to specialize in, the advice is to pick the lowest hanging fruit. Specialize where you can excel and you know there is a demand.

If you have no expertise, but dream of becoming your own, it’s time to start practicing. Fortunately, we live in an age when knowledge is more accessible than ever before and through online lessons you can train up knowledge in most areas. On to example there are trainings that open doors for digital work. Unsure what to become your specialty? Read on for inspiration on what you can do as a freelancer.


Probably, you have seen that photographs in newspaper articles are often signed with the names of private individuals. This usually means that it is a freelancer who sold the picture. Taking pictures for news sites and magazines is a way to go, but it is far from the only one.

Although it may feel like everyone is a photographer nowadays, there is a demand for professional images. After all, the resume on LinkedIn or wedding photos must be perfect. In other words, there are opportunities for those of you who are flink with a camera, if you can find a niche and create yourself a name within it.


Filming is another wide field of work for aspiring freelancers. News sites, brokerage companies and companies in the entertainment industry are just a few examples of companies that regularly need a person with a movie camera. Nowadays, many organizations have a YouTube channel, which has opened up new opportunities for freelancers in the field of video production.


Computer programs that make it possible to design catalogs, firmapamfletter, websites and the like have made graphic design a common area of work for freelancers.

One of the new branches in design we find in 3d animation. Designers can design anything from models of houses and airports, to products. Here there are good opportunities for individuals to compete by being first on the ball at technological progress.


News articles, copy, product descriptions and scripts are a handful of writing jobs for freelancers. It is an attractive area of work that hardly requires any financial investment, which leads to a downside in high competition.

For you as a freelance writer, a blog is a good starting point. A well-written blog becomes a portfolio to show clients. There you can hone your skills and at the same time build your brand.

Web development

Website development is a potentially profitable occupation. Demand is high, while most self-employed people are ignorant in this area. But we raise a warning finger; there’s a threat coming from “drag-and-drop” tools that make it relatively easy to build your own website.


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