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You can make a contact the But before that, it is probably good for you to know about types of good and not-so-good reason for making a contact with us. Let’s start with the good reasons:

Good Reasons for Making Contact With Us

1. Difficulties/Erroneous on Accessing the Site – Once a while, you may find erroneous or difficulties in accessing the, but we won’t know that unless you let us know. This is a typical feed back we need at most. While we do maintenance regularly and make sure the system runs in effectively and securely manner, bugs are still bugs, there is no such problems-free system. If you find erroneous or difficulties in accessing the site, please do let us know, we thank and deeply appreciate your time on doing that.

2. Ideas for Improving the Site – Improvement is good. While we do our best to improve the site (in all aspects), time-by-time, further improvements are always needed. If you have a good idea on improving the site, please feel free to tell us. We are opened for improvements.

3. Next Topics to Write – We know about accounting, financial and tax, but knowing your needs is important to us. We do not want to invest on something does not at least worth the time. So to speak, limitation on resources often forces us to become more selective in deciding what to write next; we need to make sure there is significant request for the topic. If yours has no significant demand just yet, please be patient, wait for more requests from peers.

4. I Want to Contribute/Make Partnership – Any little bits of contribution from you—to keep the site running well or improved—helps. If you have passion to serve accounting people around the globe and want to contribute or even making partnership with us, please feel free to submit a proposal. We will have a look and see what we can do next.

5. Sponsorship Opportunity– As many companies do, sponsorship is another good way to support a cause. If you want to sponsor us—to help more accounting people and provide better accounting materials—that will be helpful too. Please let us know.

Not-So-Good Reasons for Making Contact with Us

1. Please Help to Answer My Assignment – We want to help as many accounting people as we can. But trust us, we receive more than 50 emails, everyday, asking some helps to do assignment. We can for sure answer all questions no matter how long it may take, but we will then end up not publishing any new articles on the site. The best solution we can think of is to post your question on the comment section of an article relates to your question and see if peers are around to help.

2. Hire Me – If we need to hire a staff or two, we will make it published—so asking whether or not we are hiring is unnecessary.

3. Do You Need Guest Authors? – We would love to have you to contribute for the community—by writing accounting/financial/tax articles, but not sales person who merely wants to promote client’s product/services for free on our site (neither blog owners who need link bait.) We appreciate such request, as far as business concern, but we need contributors.

4. Advertising Opportunity – Thank you, but please contact our agent ( who takes care of such request.

Now you know about types of good and not-so-good reason for making contact with us. If you think that you still need to make it, please shoot us an email at

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