Credit Union Vs Unions

“I’m a United One Credit Union member and I’m very pleased that UnitedOne Credit Union has made me an affiliate. It’s a great honor for me and my family. The Credit Union is a great organization with so many benefits. I appreciate all the work they do for me and my family.” Ron Kirby

“UnitedOne is passionate about enriching the lives of all members across our neighborhoods. The credit union provides vital financial resources to strengthen our communities. The credit union is particularly valuable to elderly and retired members. The credit union supports important local causes and programs for all its members, including children and teenagers. We are honored by the contributions we make to our neighbors and to the communities.”

“I am thrilled to become a part of UnitedOne Credit Union. This credit union is a great asset to my credit and my family. This credit union has helped make my life much easier and I’m confident that it will help my son as well.”

“I am really happy that UnitedOne Credit Union gave me the chance to be an affiliate. This is truly a remarkable company with an awesome vision. I feel privileged to be a part of such an organization. There are so many benefits to being a credit union member and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to help others like myself.”

“You have given me and my family peace of mind with the assurance that your credit union is there to assist us with whatever needs arise in our lives. Your credit union is a tremendous asset to both your members and its customers. I appreciate the work you have done for me and for all the other members in this organization. Thank you.”

“I really enjoy being a part of this credit union. It has been a blessing for all of us. You have made us feel at home and we know that we are in good hands here.” – Dan S., New York City

“Your credit union is an amazing institution. Your dedication and efforts to serve members are appreciated. Your ability to assist new members is outstanding. Your financial resources and the quality of service you provide are beyond reproach.”

“Your credit union is one of the best institutions for which I have ever worked. The members and leaders are extremely helpful. They genuinely care about their members. I cannot recommend this company more.” – Frank DiGennaro, President of First National Credit Union, Inc.

“I thoroughly enjoy being a member of United One Credit Union. I have been a loyal customer for over 15 years and am always amazed at the quality of the products and the service I receive.” – Frank DiGennaro

“Your credit union is by far the best one we have ever dealt with. The people are friendly and there is nothing I would not recommend.” – Jim Sharp, President of Sharp Credit Union, Inc.

“Your credit union is truly a community treasure. It makes owning your own business so much easier. Your ability to pool resources, skills and experiences is invaluable. The variety of helpful members and the quality of advice they provide are beyond reproach. And, as I have discovered, the fees you pay are generally only a portion of what it costs to be a member of this organization.” – Frank DiGennaro, Executive Vice-President of American Credit Union, Inc.

“If I were a member of a credit union, I would not trade my union membership for anything. If I were selling a product or services, I would not hire anyone without first checking references and working with the company to get to know them. If I were selling my own products, I would spend a little time learning as much about them as possible before making any commitments to buy. I would give a high rating to those lenders who were willing to work with me, regardless of my personal credit history.” – Karen Meislik, President and CEO of Neely Credit Union, Inc.

“Credit unions are great places to purchase car insurance, apartment leases and even insurance. But you will pay a premium price for having that membership. That’s why insurance companies and employers to encourage their members to buy from the credit union they are members of.” – Richard Bradshaw, Executive Vice-President of Bradshaw Insurance in San Diego, California. (ended)

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