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Earn Money From Your Credit Union

The embers credit union is a part of Marquette Wealth Management. This credit union is located in Marquette, Michigan along the Detroit River. “We are your local trustworthy financial partner; who embraces your beautiful scenic landscape, community, and personality. Our passion burns for those who get to call this area home, and with our help, we will give you sound financial advice to move you to the next level of your life.” says Amy Barske, president and co-founder of embers credit union.

The beauty of being part of the embers credit union checking account is its ability to do just about everything you need online. You can do your banking and even your Payday Loans from your computer. With the internet, everyone is in, or close to being in, the modern era of technology. We all depend on the internet for everything from fuel to food, from a cell phone to a hot water heater. And if you’re not on the computer, you’re out of luck! So, the embers credit union checking account makes you a member of the modern age of technology, which is good.

One of the most popular services offered by the embers credit union debit card is their Payday Loan service. It’s easy. They want you to drive-thru their office to withdraw your money the very next day (or even earlier if you can manage it! ).

Now, it would be nice if there was only one place to go to withdraw money from when you wanted cash fast. That’s where the standalone bank branches come into play. But, if you’ve done any research at all into these types of accounts, you’ll quickly discover that they’re often very expensive and only offer small amounts of cash. So, if you’re in a pinch, or you’re desperate, the embers are an excellent choice.

Another great thing about the embers credit union debit card is the ease with which you can add more members to your account. Unlike a lot of other credit unions, you don’t have to go through a lot of application hassle. All you have to do is add one person to your account, and you’re all set. That’s it. You don’t have to wait weeks, or even months to add another person.

And, you also don’t have to deal with signing up for a new bank account. Just because you’re working online doesn’t mean you can’t use your regular bank account. You’ll just need to order an automatic withdrawal from your checking account (which means no more stamps to worry about) and you’ll be ready to go. Plus, you can choose the amount of withdrawal you want each month, which means that you can set up how much to withdraw each month.

The embers credit union debit card is easy to use online, as well. You’ll just log on, shop for the things you want, pay them off, then just log back online and you can continue shopping. Easy enough, right? And if you have a problem, there’s always the phone number to call, so no worries there either. There are even many perks and rewards associated with the embers credit union debit card, like percentage points at different stores and more.

The embers credit union debit card is truly one of the best ways to earn a little extra cash each month. As long as you manage it wisely, you can really rack up some serious money in no time. All you need to do is shop around and compare the different embers credit union cards out there. After all, you’re going to need the money, so don’t skimp on this one. Find the embers credit union debit card that works best for you and start earning some cash today.


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