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Facts About the United First Federal Credit Union

United First Federal Credit Union“, founded in Waycross, GA 30503 works primarily in SIC Code 60060 – Credit Unions, federally chartered and NAICS code 522130 – Non- Fargo Federal Direct Loan. United First Federal Credit Union has a low annual revenue, having obtained its charter in 1965. It was the first credit union in Georgia. It provides services including direct deposit, online banking, bill paying, electronic checking, deposit transferring, transfer of membership fees, and loan management.

There is a United States Federal Trade Commission who provides Consumer Protection Division and a United States Federal Reserve Board who provide Consumer Protection and Banking Division. If you wish to join this credit union, you can go through its website. You will get instructions, notices, directory of members, and contact information for all their offices located throughout the United States. The International Association of ChexSystems is the entity that regulates the entire system. On their site, you can find a list of companies that are on the ChexSystems List. This makes it easy for you to identify any company that is not approved by this association.

The “GA Highway 1984” is the name of the road US First Federal Credit Union’s main office is on. It is located on US highway 1984 in Blairsville, GA. This road is in the heart of the city. So if you are living anywhere in Blairsville or anywhere else in the vicinity, this is your convenient way of reaching your place. You can get directions, reviews and information for united first federal credit union in, GA.

The “GA Highway 1984” has a lot of commercial establishments along it, such as grocery stores, movie theatres and banks. In addition, the road is full of residential houses and apartments where people can live in. When you decide to become a member of united first credit union in, Ga., you must abide by its rules and regulations. As a new member, you should know the procedures of banking, managing funds and other things.

The “GA Highway 1984” has a toll-free telephone number. To call this number, you can simply hang up the phone and dial “Toll Free”. From there, you will be given directions, reviews and information for united federal credit union in, GA. You will also get your account number. In order to be a full member, you have to maintain a certain balance in your checking account every month.

Members are required to maintain a minimum balance in their account, which is paid on a monthly basis through direct deposit. Another requirement is that you must pay off your bills in full before they are reduced any further. For more information, a list of phone numbers is provided. If you are still unsure of any aspect, you can also ask for the help of the executive director of the United States Federal Credit Union.

Joining a credit union is not an easy task. There is a lot of information that you have to know. For example, you must know the process of routing all your bills. You will have to register for a debit card used for paying bills. The last thing that you have to know is your account number.

After you have registered for a debit card and paid your bills on time, your account will then be considered as current. This means that it is up to the union to take action if a debtor fails to pay his/her bill on time. It is not only the credit card account that you will have to worry about when you join a credit union. All your financial transactions are recorded in your financial report. This means that should there be any wrong information on your report, the information will be made available to your creditors or other lenders.

If you have applied for membership in a credit union, make sure that you have discussed all the necessary things with your family members. This is because you never know when one of them might try to take advantage of you. Also, don’t forget to check with your bank to confirm that they will allow you to open a savings or checking account with them. Being a member of a credit union is not a choice to be taken lightly, but rather an investment in your financial future and good health.


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