Financial Services That the Credit Union Offers

Located in Coventry, Rhode Island, the Ocean State Credit Union is a great place to work and learn. This Credit Union was created in 1974 by the Rhode Island State Employees’ Retirement Association. It offers its members a wide range of professional services including financial planning, investment advice, savings and loans, insurance and securities, and bonding. The members are able to join the union for a variety of reasons including job security. Because of this they have been able to grow in a variety of ways and expand their membership.

There are various different services that the members can enjoy. The most popular one would include savings accounts, stock certificates, low interest bonds, money market and certificates of deposits. Details about the services and what the various benefits include can be found on the ocean state credit union‘s main website. A money management tool is also available from the website. Here you will learn how to use it and what it can do for you.

As a member of the ocean state credit union, you will receive a variety of great benefits. The first benefit would be the ability to save with the help of a saving account. Most people who go on vacation prefer to use the funds they have accumulated. Unfortunately, not everyone has saved like they should. On the website they have sections that explain how you can start using a saving account. The benefits are unlimited, which is why so many people like to go on vacation with the funds they have accumulated through the credit unions.

Another great service that you get from the ocean state credit union is the ability to take advantage of their Facebook and MySpace Pages. On the Facebook page you will find all kinds of information about meetings, activities, and current news. On the MySpace page you will see pictures of the members and even a small biography. The member’s of the association elect other people to be able to access their activities. In addition to these two social media websites, the credit union has an interesting blog.

The blog covers all kinds of topics including travel, business, politics, education, and a special post every Thursday called “Rebranding Times.” The blog is written by Breeze Johnson, who is the communications director for the credit union. Each week Breeze updates the community with something new. On the second Thursday of each month a new guest will be invited to attend a Rebranding Times blog meeting and talk about anything they have to say. On the day of the meeting there will be a presentation where a few members of the Rebranding Times team will give tips about their personal experience and give an overview of the organization.

The organization enjoys many benefits from its membership and the credit union is in good standing with the financial federal government. When someone is enrolled in the association they are automatically eligible for any federal financial loans, student grants, housing assistance, child care assistance, etc. However there are a few people who do not belong to this association and they are not granted access to these services. This is because of certain rules that are put into place by the United States Federal Government. If you belong to the ocean state credit union and you are not eligible to receive any federal financial assistance then you can apply to the financial, federal loan program called FAFSA.

Access to federal assistance is one of the greatest benefits that members of the Rhode Island credit union can enjoy. One of these services that is offered to members is the Federal Student Aid Application. Every person that applies for federal student aid must first go through the navigant credit union.

If you want to know more about the navigant credit union or the financial services that it provides you can go online. The Rhode Island Credit Union has its own official website where you can get more information on their services. Here you can learn about the different financial services that they are offering and you can also make inquiries about applying for federal loans and other financial services. As a member of the ocean state credit union you can be assured of the highest level of customer service available. You can be sure that your application will be reviewed carefully by their staff and if it is found to be incomplete then your application will be denied. To learn more about the financial services that the Rhode Island Credit Union offers you can go online today.

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