Find Out More About A Southwestern Ohio Credit Union

The outlook for employment in southeastern Ohio is a bit grim. Many people are not having luck finding a job. Some of them are even stuck in jobs they hate because their companies have gone out of business or downsized. There are places in southeastern Ohio that are employing people though. Don’t give up hope just yet. When there are openings in your town, you might want to join the ranks of many other southeastern Ohio residents that have found jobs in the Cleveland area.

Many stores already have back-to-school supplies ready for the upcoming new school year, so if you plan to go to a local college and start learning how to get an education, shop early. Again beginning in July and ending September, Southeastern Ohio Credit Union is offering a $1,500 back to college loan at an interest rate of 7.99 percent for ten months. This deal is an offer that is only good for those who choose to take the loan. If you want to pursue an Associate’s degree but can’t afford to go to college, you may have to settle for this deal or another one of the deals that Southeastern Ohio credit union is offering.

Students in southeast Ohio can also enjoy a free trial session with Mastercard. During this time, students can sign up to have the advantages of a Mastercard Visa debit card and free trial use. This service is offered through the Mastercard Securecode application portal on the website of Southeastern Ohio credit union. With this deal, students are only required to complete the application. They don’t have to submit any other papers or show proof of their enrollment.

What’s more, all students can take advantage of this deal by just having an account. Once the approval comes, they can start using the card. In case there is a question about usage, students can use an access number provided on the card. This card is great not only for students but for business owners as well.

Aside from the usual benefits of this deal, there are some incentives that you can avail. First, low APR will allow for low monthly payments. Southeastern Ohio Credit Union is offering fifteen hundred dollars as a discount for five years on the ordinary card. Also, they are waiving the annual fee for students for the first two years until graduation. There are also no membership fees with this credit union. Students can also earn up to two hundred and twenty-five dollars a year with this deal.

Students who need a lot of cash will find this deal very helpful. With just the ordinary card, they will be able to pay for their tuition fees, books and any other expenses. Aside from that, there is also no credit check process when you apply for this card. All you need to do is prove that you have a job and that you are at least eighteen years old. With the low interest rate, it is also the perfect card for students.

Those who are looking for a good credit card need to consider this deal. Aside from the low interest rate, the card also has no annual fees. Students who are trying to build there credit should try applying for this one. The only condition is that they should be at least 18 years old. This card is also a secured card. With this card, students will not need a co-signer to prove that they are really using the card.

Students in southeastern Ohio can also take advantage of this no-interest period. This card will help them build a good credit history. However, they need to make sure that they pay off their bills on time so that they will not ruin their credit union’s reputation. Even though there are many benefits of having this card, there are also some disadvantages. Students should also be careful about using their cards because they might spend more than what they have.

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