How a Community Alliance Credit Union Can Benefit Your community

If you are a resident or have been a resident of Dearborn, Michigan and have been looking for a community alliance credit union, the membership is waiting for you. This is a non profit community service organization that gives financial aid to those who qualify to get assistance. As a member/user of Community Alliance Credit Union, you also have the right, as a member of the community, to cast a vote to elect members to the board of directors. These members are all active and agree to serve as freeholders without pay. These members will have an equal right to participate as shareholders in all meetings, conventions, and all other affairs of the community.

If you live in Dearborn or are thinking about starting a community, you might want to look into getting involved with a community alliance credit union. You may not know it yet, but your help could mean a lot in helping to make your community prosper. The following are some of the benefits you stand to gain by being a credit union shareholder/debtor:

* Financial Aid: As community members, you will be able to contribute financially towards the operating costs of the credit union. There are many ways to do this. One way is through paying regular monthly payments into the account that will be used to pay for the community’s programs. Through community memberships in a credit union, those who take part in its activities will be given priority in handling their community’s finances.

* Educational Opportunities: Community members can also actively participate in education programs. Education programs are geared towards promoting economic development. The knowledge of community members can come in handy in promoting community activities and projects, such as the purchase of community lands and equipment, the construction of new community buildings, and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. This type of investment in community development will create wealth for community members for generations to come.

* Credit Union Access: By participating in a credit union, community members can benefit from having easy access to their local community. Credit unions in Michigan have traditionally provided low interest loans to individual community members. Community members can now take advantage of this service. By making a regular payment into the community account, they will have easy access to their community’s resources. The money saved on interest rates can be used for community projects, community events, and community investments.

* Credit Union Access to Services and Amenities: A community member credit union is also able to provide services and amenities for its community members. These can include medical health care and other community services. There are also community projects that are designed to benefit every community member. If a credit union member lives in an area that lacks basic community services, he or she can often participate in such projects as a Neighborhood Watch Program. Community members can often work with community groups to prevent crime in their neighborhoods.

* Expenses for Events: When a community has a budget, it may not be able to fund all of the community’s projects and activities. As a credit union, community members have the option to fund community events. This includes community seminars and youth clean-ups. By funding these community events, community members show their dedication and commitment to their community and show how much they value their neighbors.

* Financial Investment: Community members can also invest in the community through paying property taxes. This will allow them to receive a portion of the tax revenue generated by their community. This percentage varies depending on each community’s budget. In turn, the more community members that pay their property taxes, the more money the city or county receives in revenue. Additionally, community members may invest in a variety of local businesses. These businesses often contribute a portion of their sales to a community organization.

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