How arc Federal Credit Union Can Help You Get Better Rates?

Arc federal credit union – altoona pa started offering two options for members who wish to transfer their current accounts to it. Initially, it offered the same benefits as those offered by the main credit union in Pennsylvania i.e. low interest rates and free or low cost payment options. The upgrade was then made to include additional services like the ability to transfer multiple cards. This was done to accommodate the needs of members who wish to do so.

Important Notes: Different banks follow their own opening hours. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your bank of choice offers the same features when you transfer to arc federal credit union – altoona pa. Other important changes included the addition of the “second chance checking” account and the no fee overdraft option. Both these options had been long sought by members and they were glad to find them. This upgrade has helped in increasing the number of members in this institution.

* Service options: This upgrade to the arc federal credit union – altoona pa is an excellent example of customer service excellence. They have customer representatives who are ready to help at any hour of the day. In addition, they are available in seven days a week. These representatives are also available twenty-four hours a day through email, phone and even skype. This level of service is very encouraging especially amongst members who are worried about getting bad credit reports and other problems.

* Higher interest rates: This seems to be a very obvious point. The rates charged by this credit union are very competitive with the rates charged by the big credit unions. In fact, the only difference between the two is that they charge lower fees for new members. This has been very helpful for those who just joined the credit union.

* New Accounts: There is another upgrade that you should look forward to when you join this association. The application and approval of new member accounts has been eased. In fact, this upgrade has made it easier for members to apply for new memberships in their own name. The process has been made easy because the process can be done online. Moreover, every application will be looked into and reviewed immediately so there will be no worry on your part when applying for a new account.

* Better Reporting: Credit bureaus in the United States are not very trustworthy when it comes to reporting consumer credit information. For the arc federal credit union, this is a very big advantage. They can be trusted to report your good payment history and showing you the proper amounts you owe. As a result, you will have a lot fewer inquiries from creditors. This will only mean that you will be able to acquire better rates for your loans.

* Monitoring Services: Not only will the arc federal credit union be able to monitor all your application processes but they will also be able to monitor your account and make sure that everything is working according to the rules and regulations. This is very important especially when you want to obtain loans for home improvements and other major expenses. There are times that you might be denied due to certain mistakes so it would be better if you get someone to check on your account on a regular basis. This way, you will know that you are being denied unfairly and you can go back to your credit bureau and dispute the case.

arc federal credit union has helped a lot of people obtain loans with better interest rates. Their services are very reasonable when it comes to the fees charged and the information you need to provide for the application process. The only problem you may encounter is if you already have an existing account with the credit union. You will then have to transfer all your accounts to arc federal credit union in order to maintain your membership. Before you do this, you must make sure that your balance is lower than the minimum amount. If you are still worried about being denied due to credit problems then you can always go back to your original creditor to inquire about their terms and conditions regarding your new account.

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