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If you are searching for a good lender to finance your housing needs you should check out Ocean State Credit Union. This is one of the top names in the industry when it comes to high quality credit unions. They have the resources to help their members achieve the financial stability they seek. As a member of an organization like this you know that the financial services you receive are of the highest standards. You know that your personal information will be safe and secure with the protection of a password system and a secure server. This is a big advantage when you consider how risky some credit applications can be.

Details: When you log into Ocean State Credit Union‘s home page you will notice that they have a logo that is very similar to the one used by Wells Fargo Bank. This would be an advantage if you have other bank accounts with them. This would give you a better chance of getting lower interest rates as these credit unions do business with many different banks. Whether you are at home, on the road, or at work, you know that your sensitive, personal information is protected, which is why you should trust this organization. Even when you go online, there is a reason why you want to feel safe and secure when doing business.

Memberships: As a member of any financial institutions such as banks you are required to maintain certain minimum balances. However, ocean state credit union has special programs just for members who are interested in purchasing homes. They offer a wide range of mortgages that are priced competitively. Even if you do not own a home, you can still use this facility because they also provide many financial services.

Qualifying Rates: The ocean state credit union offers several mortgages from their Qualified Rate Program. Their first mortgage refinancing program offers low fixed interest rates. You are qualified if you have a variable rate mortgage from any other institution or you have had an active account with the Federal Housing Administration. If you meet the above criteria and you have not been turned down previously then you will qualify for their introductory rates.

Homeowner Benefits: A member of any financial institution is entitled to a host of perks. For example, you will be automatically enrolled in the Ocean State Credit Union‘s no-claims bonus program. You will also automatically be granted a discount when it comes to establishing or refinancing a new home. You will also be entitled to a low interest rate when it comes to any loans or mortgages that you apply for. As a member of the no-claims bonus program, you will not need to pay any upfront fees or deposits.

What’s Hot: You can enjoy great rates on your mortgages and loans at the Ocean State Credit Union. They have low closing costs and annual fees that are much lower than all other lenders. They also have a free no-obligation quote system that allows you to get quotes from a host of financial institutions without having to call them individually. When you enter your zip code, you will get a list of options near your Ocean State Credit Union. Choose the option that best suits your needs.

What’s Not: You will want to avoid using Ocean State Credit Union credit cards to make purchases at grocery stores, department stores and gasoline stations. While they are good deals, the rates are actually a bit higher than you’ll get elsewhere. Also, while the members who live on or near Main Street are allowed to enroll, their rates may be a bit higher than those in the suburbs. And, the members who commute to work in the area often pay more for fuel because they have to use the express lanes. And, of course, when you add all of that up, it can be costly!

How To Get The Most From Rates at the Ocean State Credit Union: Joining the Credit Union is definitely a step in the right direction if you’re looking to improve your finances. Whether you’re a home owner with an established financial history or you just need a little help with your finances, the benefits of being a member of this organization can be quite substantial. As long as you have a steady income, you will be able to qualify for competitive rates that are less expensive than those offered by many banks. And, since you have already demonstrated a steady payment history, you will benefit from savings on fees and interest.

How To Create New Account: To save even more money, create a new account with the Ocean State Credit Union. You don’t have to wait until you need to borrow money-you can create a new account today! With the application form, you can select the type of account you want-rural, city, industrial or multi-urban. If you have any special needs, such as a specialized job, you can enter specific information into the fields given. In fact, if you have any background in a specific field, you can enter that information into the relevant fields, too.

How To See More Of On Facebook: Rather than trying to hide from your creditors, go ahead and set up an account. On the Overview page, click on “brates,” then “connect.” On the Account Status page, scroll down to the section marked “related pages.” Look for the page for “ocean state credit union” and select it.

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