How To Protect Your Social Security And Insure One’s Credit

The mission statement of a Southern Chautauqua Federal Credit Union makes good sense. A member must commit to the rules and procedures of the organization before he can access the benefits that membership provides. Membership is not for everyone. It’s not a privilege that one applies for but rather a commitment that one makes to work faithfully and honestly in order to achieve financial goals. Southern Chautauqua Federal Credit Union sets high standards for its membership and holds itself accountable to each and every one of its members in order to uphold those commitments.

One of the membership benefits that one will enjoy in a southern Chautauqua federal credit union is the Online Banking Account. Most unions provide their members the opportunity to sign up for an online banking account, which makes it easier for members to manage their personal finances online. They can check their account balance, their loans and mortgages, and even transfer these funds right from their computer to their bank account. A member doesn’t have to go to the bank to do this and does not have to make a withdrawal once they’ve made the online transaction.

In order to log into your online banking account you will need to either create an account with a credit union or give a member a password and username and create a user name and password. Once logged in, you will be asked for a user name and password. This login information is very secure and used solely by the members of the southern Chautauqua federal credit union. Anyone wishing to give this information away should not hesitate, as doing so is a federal offense carrying a fine and may result in jail time. You may also be liable for civil fraud charges.

Every member is responsible for maintaining accurate records of their banking activities both online and offline. To do this they must login to each respective banking website and take note of every account that’s opened, both current and previous, the user names and passwords, dates of opening and closing accounts, account balances, and other banking related information. They are then required to take the proper actions when it comes to reporting any suspicious activity that might be an indication of embezzlement or tax evasion. An investigation would also reveal any suspicious activity that took place during working hours by the employee or his family.

Each member is also responsible for keeping good records of all checks and cash withdrawals and purchases. To do this they will need a credit union card and the membership number for each specific bank account. Banks may charge a small annual fee, but this is minimal compared to the price of a criminal fraudster using their card to withdraw large amounts of money. In addition to the yearly fees, banks that operate in the southern Chautauqua area are required to issue their own security devices. These devices are known as Intrusion detection systems, or fingerprint scanners, and can be used by members to make their own copies of fingerprints or for other authentication purposes.

Finally, all banking records must be kept current and available to members. This means that all correspondence from banks to members must be uploaded onto the appropriate website and kept current. This includes letters, emails, faxes, phone calls, and anything else sent through the mail. When needed, a member can print out documents that are relevant to their case.

By joining the Southern Chautauqua Federal Credit Union one is not only protecting their social security but also their assets. It never pays to trust a fraudster, after all. There is however a way to minimize the chances that you will become a victim of fraud. If you are using your own information for applications such as checking accounts or checking on your application files you will need to notify the union immediately if something is found. You should also closely examine any statements and documents that you send out to ensure that the statements accurately represent who you are and that they are current.

The most important thing is that every member has the same rights. Being a member of a union is about security, honesty, and maintaining good standing with one’s employers. By exercising good judgment and being honest with your bank and the SCCU (by law) you can greatly reduce the chances that you will be involved in any fraudulent activity or have your identity stolen. By reporting fraudulent activity to the credit association, banks, employers and the SCCU one can greatly reduce the risk of having one’s credit ruined by identity theft, or even by having one’s credit accounts closed.

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