Most common legal issues affecting small business owners

Having the teams against themselves is not an easy game! Therefore, care should be taken to have it on its side from the very beginning. There is a lot to gain from working proactively and thus avoiding getting into tricky legal situations.

A study carried out shows that most small business owners do not make the necessary preparations to avoid legal problems associated with the business. Instead, keep your fingers crossed so that the problems do not arise. Nevertheless, situations periodically arise, some more serious than others…

Intellectual property

No matter what your idea is, it’s yours and deserves better than someone coming and snapping it. Many people who have a good idea get their idea copied by someone else. Protecting your name, business idea or product is therefore necessary in order to have your idea alone. However, this can be costly. Some rights come automatically, such as design protection. Others may be more costly to seek shelter for…

For example, if someone has built a website for you, make sure they overwrite all rights on you. Otherwise, it can in practice mean that they still own the rights to the website and the information on it, and can then choose to distribute and use the rights as they wish. Find out what rights you have and do not be shy to glimpse with them. The copyright sign shows others that you own the rights to the page!

To hire

There’s a lot of things that can go down if you don’t pay attention. The great thing about being employed in Europe is that there are many employment laws that ensure that the conditions of employment are fair and that employees are not exploited. However, this can create a lot of problems for those who hire, if you do not know the employment laws.

Security of goods or services

Make sure your item or service is safe for the user! A damage or problem related to your offer can have dire consequences for the seller or manufacturer. Of course, it is also important that your product can not cause any physical harm to the user, an the simple reason that it would be sad for the sufferer.

Use of personal data

The personal data Act (PUL) regulates how the use of personal data can be done. Since companies almost always request information about the buyer in connection with the purchase, a lot of personal data is collected. This data can be valuable in different contexts in the future. In the process of direct marketing, such information is used frequently, as you can easily reach out to potential customers. This information is covered by the personal data Act, which means that you can not use it anyway. Therefore, be sure to carefully check how you may use this information, and inform the customer about how the information may be used. Make sure that the information matches your industry-there may be some differences!


Not too rarely, text, images and design are copied from various websites. It can have different kinds of consequences for the company. Among other things, the use of the design can confound visitors because they find it difficult to separate the websites. It can also mean that Google believes it copied text, and can thus give a worse ranking because another website uses the same content.

What you can do is set up a Google alert, an alarm that can alert you the moment someone publishes copied content from your website.


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