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The fact that first impressions happen online is more the rule than the exception for accounting consultants and accountants nowadays. It has made social proof, thus indications that others used your service, an extremely important part of your presentation, no one wants to buy the pig in the sack. Unfortunately, many agencies are not actively engaged in collecting reviews from current or former clients. We at OnGrant want to help change that. Here are tips on how to build social proof for your agency.

Why is it important?

The weight of reviews is visible everywhere. Previously, we found them in specialized journals, where experts informed us before shopping. Nowadays, expert status is not required to influence a buying process. How important are other people’s reviews when booking a hotel or creating an account on a website? Even a relaxed restaurant visit is preceded by skimming through TripAdvisor or Yelp in search of information about what we can expect from the experience.

The same rules apply in accounting and auditing. It is even extra important because it is impossible to form an opinion about the quality of service in advance. Reviews are one of the few indicators that the entrepreneur can actually navigate by.

Fact: 84% of consumers trust reviews online to the same extent as the recommendations of friends.

It’s easy to leave a review but it doesn’t happen automatically. Let’s go through some tips on how you can build a bank of high quality reviews.


Even though you have an incredibly satisfied customer, it is unusual for a review to come spontaneously. The reason is that it is not something they think about. But most are in favor of spending a minute giving five stars to someone who helped them. You just need to remind them.

Sure, it can feel stiff to ask for a review of your services. But the fact is that it is not strange and you can easily do it in the bypass or by mail. Make it a habit, as soon as you have delivered a service or come a bit in a collaboration, ask for a small review. Remember that you are not asking for a short story, but clicking in a rating and writing a sentence or two

Create quality-ask for details

A large number of reviews, of course, is a factor of success, but quality is also important. We do not mean that all reviews are top rated, but that they give a serious and solid impression. When you ask your customers for a review, you can take the opportunity to push for quality.

But what does that mean? What makes a good judgment? Reviews become vivid and believable when they are entrenched in real events. Suggest that your customers refer to something you’ve done together. It could be a specific service or a result you achieved. Add the cream to the cake by asking them to highlight positive aspects of your cooperation. For example, it may be about how well communication worked or how easy it was to work with you.

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