Review of Anoka Hennepin Credit Union

Anoka Hennepin Credit Union is an amazing institution with an excellent culture. You can be proud of your association with an organization that gives you so much for an affordable price.” – Anonymous. “I am a member of an Anoka Hennepin credit union. I like the folks there and I really enjoy everything about the membership.”

“I really like the banking part of anoka hennepin credit union. They have an easy to use online banking system. With an account you can deposit and withdrawal cash as often as you need. They also issue frequent checking cashing orders for me personally.”

“I love my online banking with an Anoka Hennepin credit union. It’s easy to go online and do things from there. I’ve even taken care of payments for house rentals and car loans with it. It’s an awesome option to settle bills and make payments in an efficient and timely manner.”

“I love my anoka hennepin credit union. They’re convenient and efficient. Whenever I need to buy a bill it’s simple to go online and get the money.” – Anonymous. “It’s nice to be able to do banking here whenever I need it.”

“The banking services provided by the Anoka Hennepin Credit Union are great. They are user-friendly, and the transactions are quick and secure.” – Anonymous. “The ability to pay bills online is an added bonus.”

“I love anoka hennepin credit union. There’s a lot of flexibility. For example, I can set up direct deposit and send payments over the internet. There are also online bill paying options. It’s nice to be able to work when I need to and not when the office opens. This way I don’t miss important deadlines.”

“I like anoka because they let me keep my credit cards and savings accounts separate. It makes life easier when I have access to both. We have an online banking option that is free with an annual fee for our traditional account holders. I also like the way that we’re allowed to set up direct deposit and get an automatic deposit each month. Our financial adviser also made it easy to set up an IRA and matching an investment.”

“Credit unions are an excellent way to improve your credit rating. You should definitely consider joining an Anoka Hennepin credit union if you are in the market for a home mortgage or refinancing. I feel good about opening an account in an eye-pleasing, friendly neighborhood. I also really like the automatic monthly deposits and the ability to monitor my account online. And the monthly interest rates aren’t too bad either.” – Anonymous

“I like aroma badly! The services they provide are great. You will have an opportunity to get out of debt and stay out of debt. The monthly interest rates aren’t too bad either. And the main thing is the access to your own credit when you need it most.”

“Anoka is very laid back and friendly. Even the guy that works the register looks like he’s a college student. There are so many benefits to be had by becoming a member of an AHP credit union. It doesn’t matter whether you need to borrow money or pay off debt, it’s an awesome place to be.” – Anonymous

“I like anoka because it seems very trustworthy. There are so many different choices for members here, such as checking accounts, direct deposit, online bill payment, and so forth. I just wish they were a bit more lenient with non-paying members.”

“I love anon. It’s an ideal place for an introvert like me. They’ve made it easy for me to establish a credit line and make regular payments without having to worry about late fees. The biggest thing for me personally is the fact that it’s an affordable option for an average person. That being said, anoka does have some flaws.” – Anonymous

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