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Risk Management Process-A Practical Technique for Identifying Risks

Risk management is one of the most fascinating processes you encounter if you manage projects, organizations or strategy.

Fascinating, because the identification and assessment of risk is a process that is both creative and systematic, using the right and left side of your brain.

You engage your right brain creative, intuitive energy where you anticipate, uncover and discover your potential risks. It’s your opportunity to do some divergent thinking. You are not constrained to think in a certain way, or to fit your ideas into a pre-set framework. Studies show that our capacity for divergent thinking reduces significantly as we get older, so consider it an opportunity to exercise those neurons that haven’t had a workout any time recently.

But to be effective, you need to bring the left side of the brain into play as well. This occurs when you categorize risks in a logical, rational and patterned way, so that you can assess their impacts and how you should respond to them.

For now, let’s look at a practical risk management technique that helps get those brain neurons firing and works well for identifying risks. Here are the four steps:

Now that risks are identified, it’s time to move on to assess risks, so that you can prioritize them and develop risk treatment plans.

A sound risk management process uses divergent and convergent thinking, so that you extract the maximum value in identifying risks. If this exercise isn’t completed effectively, you might be surprised at how many project risks slip through the net.

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