Southern Lakes Credit Union

Southern Lakes Credit Union is an independent membership-owned credit union. It was established to help members manage their credit unions effectively, while giving them greater control over the membership. Southern Lakes offers various features and advantages over the traditional credit union system. The primary goals of the Southern Lakes Credit Union are to promote economic independence, build credit, provide quality banking services and provide access to inexpensive loans and debt consolidation. As a result of these goals, members benefit by having reduced fees and costs.

The most obvious advantage of joining the southern lakes credit union is the reduction in fees and costs associated with membership. All the members are able to gain access to an extensive variety of banking services including savings accounts, checking accounts, electronic wire transfer services, and high speed Internet access. All transactions made by a member of the southern lakes credit union are guaranteed safe and secure. Transactions are processed quickly and confidentially. Transactions are reported to the IRS as an asset and are tax deductible.

Savings accounts can be used to meet anyone’s financial needs. They allow us to invest in any amount of money or any time we choose. We can choose between checking, saving, and investments. In addition, all members have access to the Kenosha plan which can be used for emergency preparedness.

The other important service the Keno WaMu has provided its members is financial security. The Wisconsin Bankruptcy Law protects the members financial needs. There have been changes to the Bankruptcy Law in 2021, which allow the courts more flexibility and protection for the individual. Our Credit Union was expanded to allow us to serve anyone in southern Wisconsin who desires such service. The services are confidential and are specifically tailored to meet the needs of our members and their families.

The Service is specifically designed to assist delinquent and bankrupt persons in improving their financial status. There are various programs available depending on the type of debt incurred. There are various programs that will work with different creditors. There is the wi-fi account which provides ten individuals with a single wireless laptop allowing them to access the internet anywhere in southern lakes. Each person can use the laptop to research any debt that may be owing from various sources and manage it at his or her own convenience.

There are various types of wireless laptops including the Blackberry, which is used by one individual at a time. There are also laptop computers available for ten, twenty, fifty and one hundred paying amounts depending on the amount owed and the length of the repayment period. Wi-Fi accounts have free of charge access to the internet via five hot spots throughout the four states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio and Illinois. There is no cost for long distance calls and messages and there is no charge for parking.

There was also an expansion of the services offered to Walworth County Schools. Earlier, if an individual in the district was interested in getting his or her child tested for diabetes, there was no way to pay for the test. There were also no resources available for the testing, as the state did not accept funds from the community for this purpose. However, now anyone can get their child tested and have their school pay for the entire cost, including the tests. This allows us to serve anyone’s financial needs in southern Wisconsin.

As the credit union has a much larger population than most of the other local Credit Unions, we are able to provide these financial services to more individuals and solve their particular financial problems. It is our mission to work with our members. One of our major goals has been to increase our financial services to help more people improve their lives. As a Credit Union, we have the power to create change in any industry that we enter. We have successfully integrated our services into several industries and now are hoping to take that success to the next level by entering the health care industry.

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