The Southern Chautauqua Federal Credit Union

The mission statement of a Southern Chautauqua Federal Credit Union can be written like an enormous menu. Each member has a responsibility to the association. In order to serve their membership, they must follow the bylaws, take care of their membership, be honest and trustworthy, and work productively. The vision of this credit union is to be a community asset in serving all the residents of our community who want better living conditions.

Mission Statement: Southern Chautauqua Federal Credit Union wants its members to understand that this organization is about more than just financial service. This union is dedicated to giving its members the professional services they have come to demand. It works assuring its members that they will be held financially responsible for their decisions and service to the membership.

Service: All its members must take responsibility as to how they render their financial service to the membership. Every dollar disbursed to a member is equated with a buck to the credit union. Every member is equated with a helping hand. With that being said, members must be efficient in their service to the community.

Honesty: Southern Chautauqua Federal Credit Union expects its members to be absolutely honest in their financial dealings. This means all members must disclose any income or assets. If a member does not report an income or asset then he or she should explain that decision to the treasurer or president of the association. A decision not to disclose material facts can jeopardize the whole organization and the services it renders to its members. Therefore, all members must be 100% honest in their dealings with the membership.

Trust: In order for a credit union to trust its members it must make certain that each and every one of its members is responsible in his or her financial decisions. Each member must at all times be financially responsible for their actions. The credit union is not responsible for other members actions or decisions if the member is irresponsible in making these decisions.

Credibility: The Southern Chautauqua FEDU must have credibility in the community and the nation. All its decisions must be based on sound reasoning and sound principles. A member must at all times be viewed as being a member first before that person is considered to be an asset by the union. No other reason will be considered by the members as being a better option than being a member first.

Preservation of Quality of Life: The members must always maintain the high standards of living that were first established in this community over a century ago. The quality of life must be preserved in all aspects of life. All members must have access to fair treatment and good work opportunities. Fair treatment means every member must be treated equally, with fairness in pay, benefits, and working conditions.

A Southern Chautauqua federal credit union has many benefits. It is a great way to meet new friends, get involved in community service, and help improve the quality of life for its members. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Southern Chautauqua Credit Union, you can do so by visiting their website. You will need to register your personal details and banking information to be able to access their services. After you have registered, you should be able to complete your application online directly through the site.

Once you have applied for membership at a Southern Chautauqua federal credit union, you will receive an email from them letting you know that you have been accepted. All of the information that you provide when registering will be kept strictly confidential. You will not be told what specific services you will need to use or how much they cost. You will, however, be sent periodic reports to let you know your membership status. You will also know how much you have paid in fees so far.

If you choose to cancel your membership, you will not be kicked out. Instead, your account will be closed and cannot be reused. When members fail to pay their dues, they risk having their names removed from the membership roster. As a member you are expected to pay your dues on time. If you fail to pay, you will receive a letter from the union office informing you that your membership has been cancelled. If you wish to reinstate your membership, you must send a letter in writing to your current employer requesting reinstatement.

The S.C.U. is not a profit making institution and does not receive any federal funding. The reason for this is that it is strictly voluntary. It is up to its members to either choose to join the S.C.U. or not.

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