Tips to improve your word-of-mouth marketing

Imagine that one of your clients is sitting and discussing business with a friend. The friend talks about an economy-related challenge and asks for advice. Does your name appear in your client’s minds when they get a question like that? If it does, are they ready to put forward a good case that will make their friends contact you?

References are one of the most effective ways to get new assignments. Therefore, it is important to review what you can do to ensure that your clients are always ready to pull up your name, even when they do not get a direct question about tips on accounting consulting.

Showcase multiple pages

Probably, you do not offer your full repertoire to every client. At a time when accounting consultants are working more and more widely, it is important that all clients know that you can be useful in different situations. Then the chance that they recommend you increases even when accounting is not the essence of the problem.

Take the opportunity to inform your clients about the vastness of your services. Kill two birds with one stone and ask if they are interested in expanding your cooperation. Then you sow a seed for recommendations, while allowing you to deepen the current partnership.

Lower the threshold for a first meeting

Some have the image that accounting consultants charge from the first contact. Let your clients know that this is not true and that you are happy to take open-ended first meetings. The threshold for forwarding the contact will be much lower when they can point out that the friend should “see what you have to say”.


Sometimes your clients will discuss problems of a sensitive nature. Make sure they know you value confidentiality. It may sound like a matter of course, but having a stated promise gives security to pass on the contact, even when it comes to a difficult situation.

Make it easy to refer to you

Some clients don’t want to get involved in other people’s business. For them, it should be enough to mention your name in order for the recommendation to be in port. Make sure to find you by knowing your name or the name of your accounting firm.

Spread business cards

There is nothing strange that your clients have a small pile of your business cards in their offices. If they don’t have it already, make sure they get it. When you explain how you can help them in different ways, you can get in that “if you meet someone who is interested in that kind of services, give them a business card”. Sure, it might be a little trixy, but do it relaxed and don’t ask for too much.

Tell me if you have the capacity

Looking for new collaborations? Tell your clients. If you have a good relationship and they are happy with the work you do, there is nothing strange in mentioning that you have the capacity for new assignments and that they are happy to refer their friends to you.

These strategies increase your chances of getting more recommendations. Of course, most of it is beyond your control when it comes to word-of-mouth marketing and the most important thing is that you have satisfied clients who feel they are doing their friends a favor when they recommend you.


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