Using a Southern Lakes Credit Union

Southern Lakes Credit Union is an affiliate member owned credit cooperative. With Home Office at Kenosha, WI is a members-only credit cooperative serving people living or working within the communities of Kenosha, Racine, Waukesha, Milwaukee, Rock and Eau Claire counties in Wisconsin and southern Wisconsin in southern Illinois. Membership to this credit union is by invite only and non-public members will not receive any announcements from the institution. There is a separate fee for membership.

To join the southern lakes credit union, you will be required to complete an application online. This application can be done right online using a secure server. Once your application is complete, it will be reviewed and you will either be approved or declined. In order to be considered for membership, you must meet the minimum criteria for the southern states or be an affiliate of one of the six regional banks that service the southern states.

If you wish to become a member of the credit union, you will be required to complete your application online and set up a meeting with a representative from the institution. You will need your social security number, employer or pay check number, address, date of birth, race (white, black, Asian, American Indian, Hispanic) and employer for verification purposes. There is an annual fee that is assessed to you in order to become a full member of the union. If you are considering becoming a full member, you should know that once you become a full member, you cannot be a part-time member or be enrolled in any credit-counseling program that may require payment. If you wish to enroll in a program of your choice, you may want to look into some of the financial assistance programs the credit union offers.

The United States Federal government is one of the members of the association. The six regional banks in the southern states include Bank of America, Chase, Fleet Bank, Sun Trust Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, and Branch Bank. Most people prefer Bank of America because they have a good reputation and great rates on their loans. Bank of America is located in Atlanta, Georgia. You can also branch off of Bank of America’s Website and go to their Website to learn more about the institution, as well as get additional information about credit unions.

Many credit unions offer extra benefits to their members in order to keep them loyal and involved in the community. Some of these benefits include discounts on home equity loans, travel, pet insurance, car insurance, travel discounts, dining club privileges and much more. Some institutions will even extend these benefits to non-members who join after joining the credit union. Joining one of these institutions is very beneficial, as the cost of borrowing money is usually lower than other lending institutions.

An excellent benefit of joining a credit union is being able to help the other members obtain the financial freedom that they need. By helping each other, members are able to obtain the home loans or auto loans that they need, but at a better rate than those from other lenders. There are many different southern states where you will be able to find a credit union. Find the ones in your area by searching the Internet.

Owning a home is very rewarding. Owning your own home allows you to have peace of mind while being able to spend time with your family. If you need money for something unexpected, a credit union may be able to provide this money to you. There are many different southern states where these types of institutions are located.

You should now have enough information regarding credit unions. If you have any reservations about using a credit union, you may want to consider talking to a financial advisor. A financial advisor may be able to offer you a little bit more information before making the final decision.

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