Vision Statements For The Cent Credit Union

Mason City, Iowa is a charming community in central Iowa. Cent Credit Union is a small credit union that is devoted to providing its members with financial services and products. It has grown dramatically since its formation in 1969. The union offers several financial products such as checking and savings accounts, loans, investments, credit cards, auto loans, home equity, travel rewards, investments, and many other associated services.

When joining a cent credit union, it is important to know the rules and regulations that govern the institution. It is vital to be aware of all fees, penalties, policies, and restrictions before joining the Union. Mason City residents who have questions about the fees they will be required to pay or about the products and services offered can discuss these matters with their local agent. The local agent will also be able to answer members’ questions about different areas of interest in the area.

All residents of the mason city area are required by law to belong to this organization, regardless of their status in the public sector. Also, since it is a not for profit enterprise, all fees collected are used to assist the various charitable organizations in the area. In addition to helping residents of the mason city area, the Union is designed to attract new members.

Residents interested in becoming a member of Cent Credit Union, Iowa should visit the organization’s website. Here they will find a complete list of services and products. They can also learn more about their bylaws and the procedures for becoming a member. This information is also available in the newspaper, which is freely available to all citizens. Because the credit union is organized as a not for profit enterprise, all fees collected go towards its various programs and initiatives.

The membership of the Cent Credit Union, Iowa is diverse, coming from many different sectors of the community. Among the various sectors that make up the membership are: poultry farmers, real estate professionals, hospitality workers, retirees, attorneys, engineers, small manufacturers, insurance agents, real estate brokers, physicians, dentists, technicians, architects, builders, and health care professionals. Although this credit union is not affiliated with any particular sector or profession, it does offer special pricing to members who work in the respective sectors listed above. Non-members will also be able to find a variety of rates and packages, but will only be able to view the rates and packages posted by the Cent Credit Union, Iowa. Those interested in learning more about membership and non-membership options should visit the organization’s website.

The Cent Credit Union of Iowa has recently received recognition for its vision statements, which outline its various programs and initiatives. The organization has also established a Cent Credit Union Financial Planning Board, composed of elected members of the organization. The Financial Planning Board is charged with developing and implementing financial programs that benefit both its members and its customers. These programs aim to build on cent’s reputation as a socially conscious and environmentally responsible credit union.

Cent Credit Union, Iowa works closely with its many members and the general public, especially with regard to issues that affect the general health and well-being of its members. The organization’s Vision Statement and Service Areas outline its programs and initiatives that promote environmental responsibility and community well-being. Among the various areas the Union attempts to promote are: reducing environmental impact, reducing the consumption of fossil fuels, reducing the health impacts of tobacco use and consumption, promoting healthy nutrition among its members and their family members, reducing the cost of health care services among its small employee groups, encouraging better education among its members and their family members, and increasing access to quality public employee healthcare. In addition to these initiatives, the Union has developed several other program initiatives that further strengthen its commitment to the well-being of its members and their families.

The vision statements outline the Union’s strategic priorities for the next five years, focusing on continuing to strengthen its partnerships with the communities it serves. Among the programs the Union provides to its member and its small employee groups are: assisting in youth development, providing elder care assistance and counseling, providing home health care, assisting persons with substance abuse problems, working with children at risk, developing a debt management plan that allows the collection of a debt over time, assisting persons who are deceased or otherwise unavailable, providing representation to deceased members in the process of applying for Social Security benefits, and disseminating a monthly magazine focusing on the best practices of credit unions. The organization hopes that as of the date of this merger, its membership will continue to grow in size. The Vision Statement specifically mentions that the goal of the Union is to be an agent of change, working to build a stronger foundation for economic security for all its members and their families. It is the Union’s membership, that will determine the success or failure of this effort. The Union is focused on the development of its members, providing them with the tools they need to develop wealth and the knowledge to create wealth in their communities and workplaces.

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