What Is an Altamaha Federal Credit Union?

Welcome to Altamaha Federal Credit Union. We are glad that you decided to join our institution. Altamaha Federal Credit Union is an excellent financial institution and we are very happy with our members. Altamaha is located in Ghent, Ohio. Our credit union is associated with 22 community members in nine states including: Arkansas, California, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio and West Virginia.

Altamaha Federal Credit Union was started in 1974. Our credit union is a non-profit organization. Since then, we have been serving people in all ways. You may be wondering how does Altamaha reach out to everybody. There are various ways such as:

One of our services is our long distance service. If you’re living far from our fair city, we will be there to help. If you’re living near our fair city, we will be there to help. Altamaha is served by four main electric cable systems: The Ohio and Pennsylvania power grid, Long County hydroelectric system, Municipal electric utility (MECO) adelphia, and Georgia hydromantic electric utility (UGET.)

We have different types of service that we provide: Security, Computer Repair, Electronic Medical Record, Computer Installation, Home Repair, Security System, and Client Education. Altamaha is served by eight independent financial institutions: Capital Federal Credit Union, Bank of America Credit Union, Farmers Credit Union, PNC Bank, KeyBank, U.S. Mortgage and Trust, MegaDentist, and Southern Trust. The reason why we do not have one central location is because we have branches in all the communities that we serve. If you’re thinking about getting a job with us, we need to see your community. Sometimes we will interview you at your place or at your work place so that we can get an idea of who you are and what type of worker you have. We need this information so that we can determine how much you will pay on average.

There are some benefits to working for altamaha federal credit union home based businesses. One is that there is no dress code. All employees wear uniform clothing. Secondly, if you choose to get offsite technician services, you are given all the manuals and training required to keep your system running efficiently.

Employees are given eight hours of sleep during the week and three and a half hours on weekends. Altamaha Federal Credit Union employees who work off site are provided with two free meals each day. If you live in the Screven County area, you will be happy to know that all employees will receive a paid vacation when they reach Altamaha. Altamaha has a low unemployment rate, which is around five percent. This is higher than the national average but still lower than most southern states.

Altamaha credit unions have an extensive network of individual creditors including banks, credit unions, insurance companies, home improvement stores, and real estate agencies. Altamaha also has a collection agency, the Screven Hardship Fund, which is responsible for the repayment of loans made by the credit unions to its member families. When you sign up for membership in Altamaha Federal Credit Union, you will make monthly payments to this agency. If you have problems with your debts, this agency will pay them for you. The Credit Union’s mission is to help its members achieve financial stability and success.

Altamaha credit unions have been successfully operating for over thirty years. Altamaha is a member of the National Association of thrift lenders and was one of the first institutions to establish a no-deposit account. Many community and government agencies are now using Altamaha credit unions as a resource for financial assistance. If you’re looking for a credit union with strong financial services and a low membership fee, look into the opportunities provided by Altamaha Federal Credit Union. Contact this credit union today to start getting out of debt and back on your way to financial freedom.

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