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What is Project Management and how can it help your career?

Before we can answer the question – What is project management? – we need to define projects. A project has three main attributes, it is unique, it is time bound and it has limited resources.

So if projects are temporary endeavours with limited resources that result in unique one-off outcomes, what is project management?

Project management is the art and science of allocating, using and tracking resources to achieve the specified goal within the defined period of time. It is the application of all the methods, tools and techniques to deliver success on unique, one-time efforts. These include managing time, human resources and financial resources to deliver successful results. Project management isn’t just about creating schedules and budgets though. The more challenging aspect is bringing diverse groups of people together to solve problems and take advantage of new opportunities.

The principles at the heart of project management, including goal setting, organising, planning and managing are not new and have been practised in one form or another over history. As far back as the 5th century BC Sun Tzu referred to the theory of managing soldiers in his treatise “The Art of War”. He covered deliberation and planning, clearness of conception, depth of design and the importance of rapidity in undertaking action. Niccolo Machiavelli in his 15th century study of statecraft “The Prince” refers to the need for effective leadership and change management.

However it was not until the 20th century that people began to think more systematically about the work they did and the discipline of project management began to emerge. The Project Management Institute, based in the United States, the International Project Management Association and other standards organisations have formalised the project management discipline over the past five decades.

Knowing how to apply project management tools and techniques are skills that many employers are looking for. It doesn’t just mean managing a major project from start to finish. It can also involve handling routine day-to-day projects that need to be completed. Polishing your project management abilities so that you can manage projects through the effective coordination of resources – time, money, people and materials – to ensure the right work gets done, will boost your career opportunities.

Continuing Professional Development offers a series of online project management courses to advance your project management skills and your career.

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