Which agency is best for your business?

We have all been there, standing in the elections and qualifying for an important decision. Sometimes the decisions are of a smaller nature like when we are in the grocery store and are going to decide tonight’s dinner, but sometimes we are faced with larger decisions whose impact will live with us for a longer time.

When we people feel insecure about a choice, we tend to search for personal recommendations and advice from our friends or colleagues.

A large chest of drawers is best for some

Collaborating with a large agency is usually a very good choice and has many obvious advantages for some companies. Customers often feel that the advantages of a large agency are that these have a lot of resources and a broad competence within the company. Other customers express that a large firm with a good reputation indicates little risk of something going wrong. There is thus some security lulled in the large premises, the many employees and the long experience that large agencies usually have. If you run a larger company that requires more resources, a larger agency is usually a better choice.

A large agency can be problematic for some

Some customers who contact us are smaller to medium-sized companies that experience some frustration with their current partner. Some entrepreneurs feel that as a smaller entrepreneur they are easily lost priority in stressful times such as around annual accounts, when you often need the most support. If you are not the company’s biggest customer, you may also not feel that you get the most priority.

Another experience is that larger agencies often have to change their contact person at the company. Some of our clients have said that they received a new junior consultant every year or even more often. For some companies this may not be perceived as a problem but some smaller companies feel a frustration at being forced to build a relationship with their consultant again and again. What you should also be aware of is that you as an entrepreneur often need to adapt to larger agencies ‘ routines and rules of conduct and not the other way around. Flexibility can therefore be perceived as less by larger agencies. However, this is not always an important factor so it is important to bone out what your company’s needs are and what type of agency suits your company best.

A small chest of drawers is best for some

For some companies, it may be better to have a smaller agency, which still has a high level of expertise and has many experienced employees but where one and the same accounting consultant is more long-term engaged in the company. At least this is what we experienced from some of our customers who use OnGrant to find the perfect partner for them.

Some customers have found a new local partner just a stone’s throw from their office that proved to be a real dream partner.


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