Why Join an Allegius Credit Union?

The core of Allegius Credit Union lies in its strong affiliation, family tradition, and a wide network of associates. The credit union was founded by Bethlehem Workers Federal Credit Union, with the vision of forming a strong local community that would assist each other in creating wealth for all. In later years, the union gained recognition by the Knights of Columbus, Inc. invaluable assistance in building the economic base and spreading economic opportunity throughout Allegius, Prince William, and Fauces. The union continues this mission today.

The Allegius Credit Union has many branches and treasured possessions. One of these treasures is the Allegius Community Gardens, a project of the union dedicated to improving the quality of life for the people living in our union area. The gardens were designed to create a one of a kind garden oasis. It is comprised of five pavilions surrounded by an abundance of greenery and beautiful flowers. This setting provides you with a feeling of being completely surrounded by nature, giving you peace of mind. You will surely enjoy the greenery of these five unique pavilions and will feel the charm and beauty of this garden oasis.

In addition to this, the Allegius Community Gardens also features a water feature. The water feature circulates the water through the garden and provides a relaxing sound with the tinkling sounds of the fountain. This is a great feature that you can have if you are living in the area. Many people also appreciate the garden for the aroma therapy it gives. Many credit the union for bringing such a wonderful piece of attraction into their areas.

Another area that the union focuses on is the children’s garden. This is a perfect place for the children to learn about the value of hard work. There are also many clubs and activities for the kids here including the Junior Tennis Association. Many Allegius members have become passionate about this and are working hard to promote it among their members.

The Allegius Credit Union has also worked hard to set up various programs for the members to join. The various programs range from free courses in photography to free babysitting services. Each course offers its own benefits and is worth taking up. If you belong to this credit union, you will surely find these valuable things very beneficial.

Aside from these great programs, they also have set aside separate units for youth and young adults. These members are given opportunities to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams while learning valuable skills needed to become successful entrepreneurs in the future. The youth section hosts events for the younger members where they can share ideas and foster camaraderie. The senior citizens’ section on the other hand hosts events for the older residents to enjoy and learn from. All these programs aim at unifying and building the whole credit union under one umbrella.

There are also special sections where you can be assigned as a volunteer to help out with some of the projects that they are focusing on. This includes helping in the beautification of the union hall and the maintenance of the common areas. You will also get a chance to do some volunteer work around the community and help the members develop their leadership skills.

In this way, you will learn how to better manage your finances so that you can pay your bills on time without going into debt. You will also learn how to better deal with people and how to extend your olive branch to the residents. You will find that joining the Allegius Credit Union would greatly benefit you both personally and financially. So start looking for an Allegius Credit Union today!

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