Why Should I Join a Credit Union?

Is there a better option for you? If so, the answer is Yes! The American Express Credit Union has been providing you with financial solutions that matter since being formed in 1974. Your First Choice for Financial Solutions. The American Express Credit Union has been meeting the needs of members and clients for over 35 years.

Your Online Account: A Free Professional Personal Account Manager Assisting You 24 hours a day, seven days a week is now available! Open a New Account, or even maintain your current accounts with a few clicks of the mouse! For security purposes and to protect yourself and others from identity theft protection, you will be required to set up an electronic account with the security firm of your choice. As we all know, there are thousands of cases of identity theft each year and you want to make sure your information and funds are safe.

Access Online Account Services: The online account services at his credit union are very user-friendly. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions given by the online representative. Be cautious when giving personal information and once you have finished creating your account, it will be immediately transmitted to the central credit union system. You can access your account any time during office hours.

Know How To Make Payments: The new credit union offers payment options for both customers and employees. Employees may choose to cash a check or set up an automatic payment with their company card or debit card. For customers, payment can be made in one of several ways: Online Accounts only, Over The Internet, Debit cards, Credit Cards, and Prepaid Cards. Payments are securely sent to the customer’s bank account every pay day.

Know The Rights And Privileges: The new union has been protecting its customers from unscrupulous financial lenders for decades. They provide extensive protection through comprehensive guidelines and a Money Back Guarantee. The guidelines outline how the lender can legally access and use customer financial data without consent or notice. They also outline how the customer can fight back, if they think their rights have been violated. The Union has seen many cases of lenders taking advantage of members who were unaware of their rights.

Know The Frauds And Mis-Selling Practices: One of the best things about a credit union is that all members are required to have an open and ongoing relationship with the entire organization. Because the Union is controlled by its members, only those who take their commitment seriously are given membership. To ensure that the members know all of the available information, the Union provides regular reports on scams and questionable practices. Additionally, the Union publishes these reports as a consumer awareness initiative to warn customers.

The union offers low interest rates, favorable rates on buying new home loans, low finance charges, excellent customer service, and an easy application process. The Credit Union has been a beneficial partner for many consumers as it has provided a low interest rate on many loans and reduced finance charges on many mortgages. The Credit Union has also made major strides in helping homeowners navigate the daunting home buying process. In fact, many banks and other lending institutions have entered into agreements with credit unions to provide mortgage refinancing assistance.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should look into ces unions if you are an active or retired credit card holder. The benefits are almost endless. If you belong to a credit union, whether it be the A.P.C. Union or the United Way Credit Union, you are doing yourself and your family a great service by being involved in the community.

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