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At the core of their organizational mission, Statewide Federal Credit Union is dedicated to be a team with their local community, customers, workers, and vendors in mind. They recognize that each person, business, organization, or agency has a unique and vested interest in helping to improve the community and make the world a more stable place to live. For this reason they have made it possible for their members to elect officers that are elected by the members on a regular basis. Candidates can be voted on based on the membership vote, recommendations by other members or the Executive Director. Candidates who receive a majority of the votes receive an election to lead the Credit Union.

A strong and vibrant credit union is important for local and statewide economic development. That is why, when you join, you will be automatically enrolled in the statewide federal credit union. That is also why there are often discounts at state and local stores that are found in the vicinity of the Credit Union. Examples include grocery stores, gas stations, movie theaters, department stores, universities and colleges, hospitals and more.

Because so many people belong to the credit unions statewide, it is very important to become informed about what is happening in your area. You can do this through volunteer work or attending local meetings, which may be held quarterly, annual or even monthly. Many states have websites where you can go to get up to date information about meetings, volunteer programs and other valuable information. You will be able to learn about your state’s priorities for the federal government and how you can get involved.

One of the greatest things about a credit union is their ability to pool resources. Credit unions pool resources with other local credit unions in order to meet needs. These needs are varied, but need to include things like home loans, refinancing, car repairs and much more. The federal credit union that you join us in the business of working with other people, so they have a wide range of needs to meet. By pooling resources, you are more likely to be successful in getting your loan approved.

Another advantage to working with a credit union is that they can provide their members with valuable information on loan products. Credit unions have information on loans, such as credit card loans and home mortgages, that you probably wouldn’t find anywhere else. They also have links to organizations that can give you more information on employment and training programs. This can be especially helpful for those who are having a difficult time landing a job, because not only will they be able to find employment, they will also be able to get the training they need to land the job.

Credit unions are in the business of extending credit, which is what the average borrower needs. Since credit unions to pool resources with other credit unions to meet these various needs, they are in the best position to find you the right loan product. While banks make loans to individuals, credit unions extend loans to people looking for jobs, too. This makes credit unions an excellent source of help when you need money for any reason. Even if it isn’t for a job, a credit union can be helpful because they can provide information on employment and training.

In addition to helping you find employment and train you for employment, a credit union can help you negotiate a lower interest rate on a loan. Most lender unions have agreements with several different banks to charge competitive interest rates on loans. When you work with a credit union, you won’t have to worry about competing interest rates from a variety of lenders, which is helpful for many borrowers.

If you decide that working with a credit union is the best option for you, be sure to check out their policies and procedures. Many lender unions have rules and regulations governing how members can use their credit unions. Some policies prohibit lending to someone who has delinquent credit or who has been bankrupt within the past five years. Other policies simply require members to maintain membership within the credit union. Be sure to discuss all of your options with a credit union agent before taking out a loan.


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